water sanitation and hygiene

Water Hygiene –Ensure Well being Of All Living Organisms

Water hygiene or water sanitation includes some methods and practices which are useful in maintaining health and preventing disease by enhancing the quality of water. There are many diseases that are caused by inhalation of contaminated water. Legionnaires is one of the fatal diseases that is caused by the inhalation of contaminated water droplets. Legionella risk assessment is the method to identify this disease and latent quantity of risk that may be present in the water system.

Due to increased population and climatic changes,the chances of infection of water are increasing rapidly. Thus, the expert water hygiene agencies such as EdBourque Consulting help in preventing the diseases and ensure healthy and protective life. Apart from this,water hygiene agency also provides proper hygiene education to the people living in rural areas or in slums which reduces illness and leads to improved health. Water hygienic agencies are not much expensive and they provide their best service at an affordable price.

Services offered by water hygiene agency

  1. Legionella risk monitoring – This assessment prevents legionnaires disease. This disease is generally caused by contamination of legionella bacteria in water.
  2. Tank reline – Tank reline is a beneficial technique which is used to protect the tank from corrosion. Continuous layer of epoxy elastomeric coating is done at the surface of the tank which prevents corrosive agents.
  3. Chlorination service –This is one of the best and cheap services which is provided by all water hygiene agencies. This method is used to prevent water borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, etc.by killing certain bacteria and microbes. In addition, there are many other techniques which are used by water hygiene agencies to enhance the quality of water.