liquid face-lift

Popular Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments For Women

People of Billericay have now moved on from make-up and are now inclined towards body enhancements. There are a lot of surgical as well as non-surgical procedures that can give you anew look and can also redesign your look according to your preferences. Those who are not satisfied with the looks of their facial features are undergoing these surgeries to look flawless.


Following are some of the most popular non-surgical treatments offered by JS Aesthetics, a professional aesthetics Clinic in Billericay.

Cheek enhancement – This is the most popular non-surgical treatment. It is availed by people who want to add some volume to their cheeks without having incisions. Cheek enhancement in Billericay involves injecting a filler compound in your cheekbone area and there are no side effects of it. The surgery takes no more than an hour including preparation and treatment.

Liquid face-lift – This is another popular treatment that is commonly availed by ageing men and women. This treatment is for people who want the sagginess of their face to go away and have a tight and youthful face. This is a very common treatment and nearly every celebrity has gone through it. Under this treatment, gel based fillers are injected at several points on the face in order to minimize the sagginess and wrinkles from the face and give a brighter and fresh look.

Chin reduction – This treatment is for the people who want to avoid a big chin or double chin. Under this treatment, a liquid containing deoxycholic acid is injected around the chin area. This acid is naturally formed in the body and is responsible for absorbing fat. It is a simple procedure with no side effects.